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Hi! I am Laura Mak 

and my passion is empowering and educating women so they can start living a life briming with well-being, both inside and out.

I’m a master trainer, international yoga instructor, retreat leader, motivational speaker and more with a mission to serve as a catalyst and cheerleader for your personal and professional growth. 

I’ve created a sanctuary of empowerment that includes everything you need to enhance every aspect of your life. From the art of mindfulness and the vigor of fitness & yoga to the savvy lifestyle filled with purpose, I’m here to guide and support you as we work together to sculpt a life that radiates wellness, productivity, and unparalleled success.


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LauraMakFitLife Coaching is not just a service; it's a partnership dedicated to your holistic transformation.

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  • Yoga Coaching
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Is your audience yearning for a transformative experience that will forever shift their perspective and catapult them into purposeful action?

  • Wisely Fierce - Journey of Becoming
  • Midlife women’s wellness
  • Overcoming Mindset Obstacles
  • Personal Growth with visualization and meditation
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What Do a Coach & Community Deliver?

Studies have shown that individual coaching, coupled with a supportive community, can dramatically accelerate your learning and growth. 

Coaching offers personalized strategies and accountability that can cut your learning curve, while community involvement provides an invaluable source of encouragement and shared wisdom. 

It's a synergy that amplifies your progress, ensuring that you're not just achieving your goals, but surpassing them.


Why You Need LauraMakFitLife

Here you get so much more than a yoga studio; you get access to a comprehensive online wellness center dedicated to improving your physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual tranquility.

Tailored to fit seamlessly into your active life, you'll find an array of practices and techniques that will enrich every aspect of your well-being, along with a personal coach to guide you and a community to cheer you on.


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